I have been through some major changes lately.  Feel like I am really moving on into the 2nd half of my life.  (Mid-Life…don’t like that?).  Anyways I recently went through a divorce with my wife Ishbel.  I am learning how to spend time with my daughter Kaia both virtually, phone and in scheduled weekend times.

For the first time I do not have any entrepreneurial aspirations.  I have chosen to end all my business relationships I have had going with various individuals and companies and move on.

I am now working with Web Events Global as the VP of Technology.  I am working to understand their technology and industry and lead the charge to bring the company into its next phase of growth and development.

It is a new time in my life and I am very excited about.  I feel very calm and at peace with where I am at and going.  I will be working exclusively for Web Events Global and spend time on my personal life and will be writing on various topics I find important.