I remember back in 2001 right after my daughter was born I was building a house in Southern Oregon and decided to spend part of the summer traveling around Oregon.  So I setup my laptop as a server so I could still work while I was travelling.   Then I had a dial-up modem for my laptop.  I would get 9-18k.

After building the house in Southern Oregon and the crash was well under way I had to move back to Eugene and find a job.   I was crashing in my VW bus around Eugene and tapping Internet from the University of Oregon and select wifi hotspots that were around (very few).

Tonight I was getting ready to do some bundling of Amazon EC2 Instances and my Internet just went down.  So I went ahead and tethered to my Verizon Blackberry and connected to the Internet.  I was curious what sort of speed I was getting.

So I am getting 870K down and 98K up here in Blue River Oregon over my cell phone.  I’m out in the sticks.

The Internet is slowly getting where I want it.