Don’t get me wrong…I love Amazon Web Services and EC2, it has changed the way I do business.  I rocks.

So tonight I was doing some server maintenance and backing up many server instances as AMI.  This gives me a image snapshot of that production server to use while scaling and / or restoring in the event of failure.

Any other time the EC2 services are awesome but tonight my 2 complaints are evident:

1)  Only 1 IP Address per instance.  PLease give me multiple IP Addresses per instance.

2) When I bundle a Windows 2003 Web Server Instance it KILLS ANY SSL CERTIFICATES!   It does something to the permissions of the certs in store.  I blogged about this before.  I have .pfk backup files and I just delete and import.  Still it is a pain to do across MANY web server instances.

So I only backup machine instances using AMI once a month.