People are always talking about putting your faith into the cloud.  I am definitely worried about putting all my data online, and think about the repercussions of it.

Now that Amazon Web Services have been around a while, my Amazon S3 storage account has become a central utility in my personal and business life.   It is the central storage for all personal images, files, and video.  I depend on it for business file and backup storage.  I store everything from images to server machine images there for future use.

Amazon S3 is one thing that has become a constant.  As my servers and workstations age I can rely on my Amazon S3 for having a copy of everything.

I upload files using Firefox Add-On S3 Organizer, I map a drive using Jungle Disk for my workstations and my servers.

As I move some of my personal blogs around I am having trouble managing all the media that goes with them.  They are all stored on the local drive.  I already backup my wordpress blogs and mysql database nightly and upload to Amazon S3.  So I thought I should be storing all my media there as well.

Of course there is already an Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin.  Very cool….just trying it out with this blog post.