My Firefox browser opens all my default tabs when it opens and gives me quick access to all my core web applications.   One of these is Google Voice.

I am still working Google Voice into my overall platform.  It isn’t quite there.

Today I was thinking about some good uses for it beyond receiving calls.  I was mourning the deactivation of Google Notebook and thinking that Google Voice would make a good replacement for my note taking.  Make it more verbal.  I would like to see Google Voice to be integrated through my Google Office.  When editing a document I could leave audio notes.   When creating or editing a calendar event I could leave audio notes.  These notes would show up in my Google Voice account and I could organize or maybe they would automatically organize by Google Application?

I have a Google Voice widget on my web site so people could call me.  Seems like Google could release a simple widget I could use and call myself.  Then I could leave messages, notes, and general dictation.   These audio notes would then be transcribed and available as part of my overall communication stream.

Just some random thoughts of how I see Google Voice growing and evolving as part of my core platform.

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