I was watching the Google I/O session, Developing with HTML5.  I’m pretty excited about the potential of HTML 5.

I’m interested in some of the popular new features:

  • Video and Audio
  • Canvas
  • Geolocation

I’m really excited about it as a web application platform and the Web Storage and Web SQL Database aspects of HTML 5.

I think client side storage for web applications is the future.  Not just for off-line usage, but also for application performance.

I wanted to play with the HTML 5 Web SQL Database some more.  First I tested the script in my 4 browsers to see if they supported Web SQL Database:

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 – No Support
  • Firefox 3.6.3 – No Support
  • Chrome 5.0 – Supported
  • Safari 5.0 – Supported

Good to see that 2 of the 4 browsers I use support it.  Then I wanted to see what kind client side application I could build.

So I put together a simple contact management database that only runs only in the browser.

My prototype  allows you to remove and rebuild the database table, and you can add and list the contacts.

HTML 5 Web SQL Database uses pretty straightforward SQL, so a delete and update will be easy.  I just need to get a modification date and unique identifier piece worked out.

Next features I will work on are:

  • Load initial data set from JSON web service or Google Spreadsheet
  • Online / Offline Detection
  • Sync Script with JSON web service

Then I should have a base prototype for a completely client side contact database using HTML 5 Web SQL Database.