The ExtJS team is really excited about HTML 5.  They see HTML 5 as the future.  I definitely agree.    Ext JSjQTouch, and Raphaël are combining into a new entity called Sencha.

I have used Ext JS for several web applications and internal adminstration systems.  It is one of my favorite JavaScript frameworks that I keep coming back to.

I’m excited to see them fully embracing HTML5.  One thing I really enjoy about Ext JS is that I don’t have to think about the presentation layer much.  They just deliver.

They have been showcasing their support for HTML 5 also in a flurry of blog posts:

Then finally with the release of Sencha Touch, an HTML5 Framework for Mobile.  As they state:

Sencha Touch is the world’s first app framework built specifically to leverage HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization.

The initial beta supports IPhone and Android and delivers enhanced touch effects and data request using Ajax, JSONp, or YQL and takes advantage of HTML5 Local Storage.

Exciting to see not only HTML5 beings upported, but a mobile application framework.  I will definitely be watching Sencha alongside my other HTML 5 research.