I am impressed with Rackspace donating the code for their compute and object storage platform and creating the OpenStack.  There has been a lot of discussion around the need for a cloud storage API standard, and whether or not Amazon should be the base for an cloud computing standard.

I think it is a very smart move for Rackspace to step up in this way.  It will do a lot for the industry and cloud adoption, and put them ahead in the game.  I see a couple of immediate benefits:

  • Availability of proven open source software to get compute or storage infrastructure up and running
  • Promote standard of operation between cloud service providers
  • Opportunities for city, state, and federal government to deploy cloud infrastructure

I like how they focused on the cloud computing essentials:

Check out this list of projects they are working on:

Open Source cloud compute power and cloud object storage.   Mobile platform support for IPad, IPhone, and Android.  Management tools and development tools.   Very nice.

And you can’t have a much cooler launch partner than NASA.