Change happens. With technology, change seems to be accelerating, or at least the waves of change seem to come more frequently.

I feel I’ve developed a certain rhythm for riding these waves. Part of this rhythm is a regular evaluation of where I stand, a sort of agile career methodology. I’m in one of those evaluation periods right now.

What wave is next?

In January 2007 I found myself jumping on the social media wave, in which I still ride to some degree.

In Spring of 2008 I found myself jumping on the cloud computing wave, in which I’m still totally drowning in.

What wave is next?   Mobile?   Big Data?   Semantics?

There are many things I consider when evaluating what I will focus my attention on. I want to make sure I will be investing in learning that will benefit my professional development.

One thing I look for are constants within all the waves I ride. One constant I’ve seen between Social media and Cloud Computing are APIs. If you take a deeper look:

  • Social Media – YouTube API and Flickr API are at the heart of the social media movement.
  • Social Networking – Facebook API Platform and the Twitter API play a big part in the growth and adoption of social networking.
  • Cloud Computing – The two undisputed kings of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services and Google both depend on API to deliver their services

APIs are playing a monumental role in delivering the Internet today. What is next?

  • Mobile – APIs make mobile applications possible and help drive innovation in the mobile space.
  • Big Data – APIs allow data to be gathered, shared, and available for visualizations and mashups.
  • Semantics – APIs will drive discovery and meaning around links, documents, and other objects.

Pick most any area of business today and you can see APIs either driving or emerging as a major player within that industry.

Change is upon me again, whatever the next wave is, I feel I’m secure in focusing on APIs.

I am leaving a position as a Director of Technology with a focus on cloud computing to a position as an API Evangelist and with a focus on the business of APIs.

This is where I feel future of cloud computing is, as well as many other sectors of our society, throughout business, education, government and much more.

Change is exciting.  More to come.

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