During my 20 years in the technology industry and many failed entrepreneurial endeavors I have gained some wisdom around managing my ideas and evolving them into projects.

Most of my startups and side-projects have gone nowhere.  Have they failed?  I think that is a matter of opinion.  If you ask my ex-wife…she will say yes.

I say no.  They were all learning experiences and evolved myself and my knowledge forward.

I have developed a method for recording my ideas using Evernote.  I then high grade them based upon how much I think about them, evolve them and overall the potential of the idea.

High graded ideas end up on my personal project or production wiki @ Google Sites.  I then flush these ideas out with outlines, research, code and data sample.

If a project they evolves much more and demands attention, I build a prototype.  I keep things either on the side burner or back burner.  I re-evaluate quarterly and will release some prototypes or ideas into the public domain if they go nowhere.

I figure it is best to set an idea free rather than think I own it in some way and never move it forward.  Maybe my thoughts will help someone else working in a similar area.  Or maybe the magic VC fairy will come along and give me 500 million dollars and say DO IT! I’ve heard stories!

Anyways, I am shutting down a couple Amazon EC2 instances and RDS deployments to save money around back burner projects.  Projects I don’t have time for.  Here are three current projects:

These are three ideas I am setting free.  I want to share them with everyone, maybe generate some interest.  At least just give them proper closure.  I don’t have time or $$ to move them forward.  I am way to busy in the API space.

Let me know if you have any interest in them.  Happy to geek out with you about them.