A project I’m moving off the back-burner and into the public domain is a project I called Tech Blogger Analysis.  My GF is Audrey Watters @ ReadWriteWeb, so I get exposed to an authors daily perspective in the tech blogging world.

I started harvesting all the RSS feeds from ReadWriteWeb, Techcrunch, O’Reilly, Mashable, VentureBeat, and GigaOm.

Upon harvest I would organize the post and curate author details, tags, etc.   I had a whole bunch of scripts I’d run to clean up, organize and centralize meta data.

I would then pull the tweets for each post daily using BackType.

I would then build profiles for each twitter user with their # of followers, tweets etc….as well as their Trustrnk using InfoChimps.

When I started I was profile the individual blogs, and quickly saw the true value is in the tech blogger and their brand.  I think there is an important story here:

  • What topics to they cover most?  Specialize in?
  • Who has the strong brand?  Number of Followers?  Importance in certain topics.
  • Who are their influential followers?  Loyalty?  Trustrnk?
  • What do their followers pay attention to?

There is a lot of information here.  I had the data harvesting for last 6 months, it was being refined and had a crude web interface setup.  I wanted to provide a directory of Tech Bloggers and their brands with real-time stats on what they are writing on their personal and professional blogs.   Think Postrank, BackType,  Crunchbase for Bloggers.

I think the future of tech journalism is about the individual writers and their brands. I think writers would find this information valuable.  I also think industry leaders would find this information valuable also.  I see a lot of corporations investing in tech writers and their brand.  I see writer brands becoming just as, or more important than the domain based brands we see today.

I would like to restart this project, but just can’t afford the EC2, RDS and bandwidth charges if I’m not moving forward.  If you are interested, you can contact me.